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Massage Services


Our classic massage uses an abundance of hydrating oils along with long flowing Strokes and kneading techniques that unwind even the tightest of upper layer muscles. This massage can help relax your muscles, improve circulation, increase your range of motion, and stimulate well-nourished skin. Pressure can be light to moderate.


Allow your well-being to flourish with the enhancement of aromatics in this soothing massage experience. Alluring essential oils are added to the classic Swedish massage to awaken your body, mind, and spirit in the ultimate state of relaxation. Extracted oils from herbs, plants, and flowers are diffused through air while topical oils are absorbed  by skin for full mental stimulation and suppleness. Pressure can be light to moderate.
(Inquire to Add-On aromatherapy to a different treatment).


This ultimate massage dives into the deepest layers to reach muscles, tendons, and fascia by using slow, deep strokes. This massage can help improve posture, relieve aches and pains, ease inflammation, and increase your range of motion. Our therapists will customize your treatment to focus on areas of concern. Pressure is strong.


Massaging for two? This nurturing massage is catered specifically to moms-to-be through gentle and safe massaging techniques. These techniques can help promote deep relaxation, reduce swelling of hands and feet, and melt away tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. Pressure is light.
(Note: We do not perform massages in 1st trimester pregnancy; please inquire for specific needs).



Our trigger-point myotherapy, also known as neuromuscular therapy, relaxes then releases muscle knots, spasms, and their associated pain through alternating bursts of pressure and deep stretching to the affected areas of muscles, tendons, and fascia. This technique can help reduce chronic pain, headaches, and tension, while improving  range of motion, flexibility, and posture. Pressure is light to strong.


More than just a hand or foot massage, our reflexology deeply relaxes and treats the hands, feet, and ears by focusing on pressure points and manipulation to the nerve endings, paired with soothing hot towel compresses. Reflexology is thought to balance the body, encourage self-healing, and clear channels of obstructed energy. This type of massage can help improve overall health and balance, headaches, sinuses, and much more. Pressure can be light to moderate.

This special therapy massage uses the heat from smooth polished basalt stones to penetrate deep into the body by special placement and also as massage tools for the deepest state of relaxation. This massage can help ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote sleep. Pressure can be light to moderate.

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