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Massage Services


Put your mind and body at ease with this soothing, light to medium pressure massage. This technique uses long, flowing strokes and general kneading to promote relaxation and relieve mild tension through gentle bodywork.


Target muscle pain, postural issues, limited range of motion and joint stiffness with this customized therapeutic massage. This technique uses slow, firm pressure and can be modified to meet your comfort level, as needed.


Massaging for two? This nurturing massage uses gentle and safe techniques to promote relaxation, reduce swelling in the hands and feet, and ease tension. Pressure is light. (Note: We do not perform massages in the 1st trimester of pregnancy; please inquire for specific needs).

Hot Stone

This massage technique uses the heat from smooth, polished basalt stones to penetrate deep into muscles. They are used as tools for tension release alongside traditional Swedish massage. Pressure can be light to moderate. (Note: If you would like to add hot stones to a Deep Tissue Massage, please see the Hot Stone add-on located under the Deep Tissue category).


If you are looking to maximize the intensity and effectiveness of your session, this modality is for you. This massage technique locates and releases problematic points in the deepest layers of the muscle tissue. Using extra firm pressure along affected points, years of built-up tension and muscular adhesions can be treated.


More than just a hand or foot massage, our reflexology deeply relaxes and treats the hands, feet, and ears by focusing on pressure points and manipulation to the nerve endings, paired with soothing hot towel compresses. Reflexology is thought to balance the body, encourage self-healing, and clear channels of obstructed energy. This type of massage can help improve overall health and balance, headaches, sinuses, and much more. Pressure can be light to moderate.

Massage and Body Treatment Combo 

Citrus Energizer

An energizing aromatherapy-inspired body scrub and massage combination. Start with a rejuvenating citrus full body scrub to buff away any dull, dry skin, followed by our hydrating Avene body cream. This service is followed by your choice of a full body Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, including hot towels and citrus aromatherapy.

Pure Tranquility

Nourish your skin and target any rough, dry or problematic areas while you relax with this massage and signature salt glow combination. Start with a purifying full body salt scrub to slough away dead skin, followed by our hydrating Avene body cream. Next, unwind with a full body customized Swedish or Deep Tissue massage with hot towels. 

Thermal Melt

Cozy up with this toasty massage and wrap combo! This service starts by applying a thermal full body seaweed mask to cleanse and detoxify the skin. You’ll be bundled up on our warm table and given a hot oil scalp treatment until the wrap is ready to be removed with hot towels. This treatment is followed by a full body Hot Stone massage to relax.

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