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Ashley LaLonde

Flourish Beauty & Spa is part owned and operated by Ashley LaLonde, born and raised in Oswego, NY.
As a licensed esthetician, she has devoted herself to her work and clients with nearly a decade of experience in the skincare and beauty industry. Previous work in the fields of plastics and dermatology has allowed Ashley to gain invaluable experience that enables her to bring the highest level of quality to her clients. She has learned and mastered the art of skincare, laser treatments, microblading, microneedling, chemical peels, and lash extensions, among various other services.

    Ashley’s passion and dedication for the beauty industry inspired her to open a spa of her own in 2021. Here, at Flourish, she ensures that spa services are provided to clients with the highest level of excellence.

As the skincare and beauty industries continue to evolve and change, Ashley is dedicated to pursuing continuing education and courses in beauty, wellness, and skincare to provide the client with the very latest in technique and quality. Her diligence allows her to keep up to date on the latest technologies and cutting edge products and services, which she loves to share with clients. Ashley’s approach is one that encompasses all of the latest knowledge with a professional and luxurious touch.


Kaleigh Fitzsimmons

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Abigail Wanke

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Mallory Sidman


Corinne Matuszczak 


Lauren Fitzsimmons 

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Caren Thompson

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